Getting Involved In The Political Process

As Americans we have a unique opportunity in live.  We have the power to voice our opinions and to put into power those that we feel will help and benefit us in life.  More often than not people will not vote, voice their opinion and stay true to the status quo.  When we let things happen, we get things happening that we don’t like or agree to.  This is why getting involved in the political process is so important. 

email addresses for senators and congressmen

The first step

The first step is to communicate with those in power.  To do this you will need email addresses for senators and congressmen.  When you have these, you can communicate your views, ask questions and start learning about the political process. 

The next step is to have an opinion.  When finding an opinion, you don’t want to be swayed by others and their point of view.  If you agree with someone that is great, if you don’t agree that is great as well.  Not all of us will agree on the process and what should go on. 

Stay true to yourself

You need to stay true to yourself.  If you just follow other people, then you are just not taking action.  We need to be true to what we believe, state our opinions and tell others that their opinions are just as valid but don’t conform to your belief.  You never want to force your opinions or views on others.  When you do this can turn others against you personally and even sway them in their opinions.  This is a free democracy and should be handled as such. 

Encourage others

Finally, encourage others.  You want people to be free to voice their opinions and take action.  If we get more people on board to voice their opinions and to take action, then actions will happen and chances will become real.

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