5 Things to Do Before Filing for Divorce

Even marriages that are done and over oftentimes lead to many emotions and struggles for the couple. Rather than endure some of the biggest challenges that a divorce causes, you can ease some of the worry by preparing ahead of time. Preparing yourself for the road ahead can change the dynamics of the divorce. Take a look at five important steps to complete before you file for divorce.

1- Think Long & Hard

Is divorce really the best option in your marriage? Do you really want the marriage to vendor is there somewhere down deep inside that you want it to work? Couples disagree and experience problems. Many of them can easily be worked through, if that option is something the couple both wants.

2- Financial Matters

It is time to get your finances in order should you plan to file for divorce. You’ll be minus one income when the divorce is final, which easily strains a budget without proper planning. Don’t wait until it’s too late to think about financial matters.

3- Talk to an Attorney

A divorce lawyer chandler az has the best guidance and advice to offer. Consult with an attorney (most offer no-cost consultations) to learn what steps to take to minimize stressors during the divorce. Retaining an attorney may also be wise.

4- Make Living Arrangements

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Who will remain in the current home? It’s best to remain in the home until the divorce is finalized, if this is possible. If there is abuse, get in touch with police immediately.

5- Custody Arrangements

If children are involved in the marriage, it’s time to sit down with your spouse to discuss custody and visitation arrangements. Perhaps you can work this out yourselves. Otherwise, the courts get involved to decide what happens. It’s easier on everyone if an agreement is made without court involvement.

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