All About the P Visa

If you’re an athlete looking to come play in the United States, then you have probably heard the term P visa at some point in your studies into how you can go about getting experience under your belt in the States. In order to do this legally and by the books, you will need to know how you can go about applying for and receiving such a visa of your own, along with all of the things you will need to provide in order to get it done.

As with receiving any other visa or clearance to enter a country, there are some prerequisites that need to be met, and documentation that needs to be provided. Let’s take a look a little deeper at how the process works and what you will need to get your own p visa.

How it Works

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Like other types of work visas good in the United States, the P visa is a short term work visa. It is made available to individual athletes, teams who play together, or even companies who receive a work offer from a United States employer.

Usually offered to particularly outstanding athletes and teams, this type of visa is also good for the essential personnel who will be responsible for helping tend to the athlete. Receiving a p visa means someone out there thinks you are an amazing player or team, and is extending an offer for you to come show that off for them.

This is some of the main information you need to know to go about getting things together to apply for an athletic visa of your own to the United States. If you have any further questions, you should get in touch with a p visa vancouver attorney who has some experience in the field and can answer your questions in more detail. Hopefully with some time and luck, you will receive your visa and be able to play in the United States.